Walls to be built around Tanzanite mines


In order to end illegal trade, the Tanzania president is planning to place a wall around the mines

TANZANIA, September, 2017 – The president of Tanzania, John Magufuli has instructed the military to build a wall around the tanzanite mines. This order came in after Tanzania government accused international mining firms of dodging the taxes and smuggling the gemstones out of the country. According to reports the president believes these organisations are robbing the Tanzania mines out of their fair share of mineral wealth.

The parliamentary inquiry team recently uncovered a massive amount of tanzanite being smuggled out of the country. “All tanzanite gemstones will be controlled and will pass through one gate and he (Magufuli) ordered the (central) Bank of Tanzania to take part in the tanzanite buying trade,” a statement from the presidency revealed.

The statement went on to say the president demanded the military to build a secure wall; cameras would surround each and every tanzanite mine in Tanzania. The presidency is hoping to control illegal mining and trading activities of the gemstone. “Even if someone swallows some tanzanite gemstones, they will be detected at the proposed checkpoint,” Magufuli said. He continued to say that the country only gets five percent of revenues from the global tanzanite trade. “All the rest of this precious gemstone benefits other people abroad. This is unacceptable.”

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