Celebrities love Tanzanite too!


Because we are all about Tanzanite here, I thought I would take a look around the web and see who else it wearing Tanzanite. It can’t just be our customers right? Though they are all celebrities in our minds! So below is a small list of celebrities and royalty wearing Tanzanite.

STEP 1 – Buy from a reputable jeweller

Not really a celebrity or royalty, Tanzanite is at the center of some of the jewelry that is going to be worn at the Cannes Film Festival this year in May. Chopard has announced its upcoming Red Carpet Collection 2018 and Tanzanite will be one of the featured items. Tanzanite is a central element of the bracelet featured in the sneak peek and it surrounds a black opal which when opened reveals a watch that has gentle pink clouds wrought from mother-of-pearl. In a choker that is included in the collection, Scheufele again uses Tanzanite to recreate the designs worn by women in 1920s and especially those featured in the “The Great Gatsby” novel.

While we won’t be duplicating anything, as we love that this designer is using Tanzanite as the center for some of their pieces, this could help increase the value of this amazing gemstone.

STEP 2: Do a light test

Kate Middleton Tanzanite

During an event at the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists in London, Kate Middleton was seen wearing a Tanzanite Diamond pendant accented with matching Tanzanite and Diamond earrings. All in a beautiful pear shape cut. Estimated at a value of £8,400. This same style resembled Princess Diana’s jewellery at a few events she attended as well. While similar, Kate’s style was a little more modern and the cut of the Tanzanite was different than late Princess Diana’s. Either way, she looked amazing in the matching set of Tanzanite pendant and earrings.

STEP 1 – Buy from a reputable jeweller

Beyoncé & Jay Z Tanzanite RingJay Z is known for buying some amazing jewelry for his wife, Beyoncé. When Blue Ivy was born a couple years ago, Jay Z went out of his way again and purchased Beyoncé an awesome Tanzanite ring. It was a very vivid blue Tanzanite and Diamond ring to be exact. The center Tanzanite gemstone was a cushion cut weighing between 8 and 10 carats. Jay Z supposedly picked out the Tanzanite because his favorite color is blue and of course the name of their child, Blue Ivy. Others have said it’s because of the tradition among the Maasai people (the traditional warrior herders of Tanzania) of gifting blue to new mothers. Only Beyoncé & Jay Z will know the real reason. But it’s still an amazing ring.Due to the popularity of Tanzanite growing, we expect more and more celebrities and royalty to be wearing this amazing gemstone. If you have any questions about custom designing your own Tanzanite jewelry, please let us know as we would love to create something one of a kind just for you!

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