Why Should You Invest In A Tanzanite?


Tanzanite is among the rarest gemstone on earth and also the most undervalued relatively to its rarity. It sells much less than diamond but its structural reasons have kept it attaining its true and ever growing potential.
It is a trichoic stone that possess diverse colors. The color ranges from blue to deep violets and indigo. It has been declared the most beautiful stone that has been discovered over the last 2,000 years. Its color is an attraction to many especially those who tend to make jewelry out of it. It is projected that the stone will become depleted in the next 25 years thus given the name “gemstone of a generation”. The price of Tanzanite has been rising. It is projected that it will rise more in the coming years due to the law o demand and supply. Investment in this gemstone would yield abnormal profits in the next years as its availability is diminishing.

Tanzanite is a commodity that is only found in a 4Km square in Tanzania. It is difficult to find and yet easy to destroy in the process of extraction. Anyone wishes to have this valuable investment, but covet the stone distinct beauty. Many believe that it has therapeutic and healing properties. The presence of tanzanite is believed to be as result of eruption of Mt Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa. The eruption of the mountain is believed to be as result of unique conditions thus the rarity of the gemstone is due to the absence of these conditions. Economically, the unique conditions set the stage for the major factors that make the stone a potential and a successful investment. The more the conditions become rare, the less the eruptions and in turn the rare the gemstone. Its demand is increasing year in year out not only in the US market but all around the globe.

Besides, the stone has high vibration ability. It is currently about a third the price of sapphire. Compounded by its rarity, tanzanite has become investment of choice and it is more likely to increase as the supply lowers.

From the estimates given by geologists, there are merely ten years left before tanzanite become depleted due to the constant mining in just a single site? The results will that both supply and demand will play in favor of the gem because of the increasing quantity and the increasing popularity all over the world.

The commodity is evidently a good and solid investment for the growing reputation and the high increasing value. The value and secure, the solid ownership of the gemstone will definitely be an excellent investment than any stock market that ever existed. Mining will definitely grow along the interest of the consumer, which will decrease the supply rate even faster. Putting into consideration that an investment can never hit 100 percent, stacking up on a few tanzanite will be a good investment based on all the factors.

Make a wise step, invest on tanzanite and you will smile all the way to the bank.

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