Discover the Enchantment of Unheated Natural Fancy Color Tanzanite Gemstones

At Tanzanite International, we invite you to explore the mesmerizing world of unheated fancy-color tanzanite gemstones, where rarity meets unparalleled beauty. Here’s why these exceptional gems are capturing the attention of collectors and enthusiasts worldwide. A lifetime opportunity to acquire unheated natural color tanzanite. A rare opportunity that will not come again in our lifetime.

Unheated – Preserving Nature’s Beauty

Unheated, natural fancy color tanzanite gemstones are prized for their natural beauty. Unlike heat-treated tanzanite, which enhances or alters color, unheated tanzanite retains its original hues as formed by nature. This natural state preserves the gem’s authenticity and unique characteristics, making each stone a pure reflection of its geological origin in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.

Rarity – 10,000 Times Rarer Than a Diamond

Unheated fancy-color tanzanite is exceptionally rare, estimated to be 10,000 times scarcer than diamonds. This rarity stems from its singular source, known as Block D, and the specific geological conditions required for its formation. As one of the rarest gemstones on Earth, unheated natural tanzanite is a coveted addition to any gem collection, symbolizing exclusivity and luxury.

The Array of Different Colors – Nature’s Palette

What sets unheated fancy-color tanzanite apart is its remarkable spectrum of colors. While traditional tanzanite is known for its blue-violet hues, unheated varieties exhibit an array of captivating colors. From vibrant greens and vivid yellows to deep golds and blushing pinks, each gemstone showcases a unique blend of tones that evoke nature’s artistry.

Mixed Color Stones – Nature’s Masterpieces

Among unheated fancy-color tanzanite gemstones, mixed-color stones are particularly prized for their rarity and visual appeal. These gems display multiple colors within a single stone, creating a dynamic interplay of hues that shift with the light. Each mixed-color tanzanite is a testament to nature’s creativity, offering collectors a truly unique and captivating gemstone.

Each Gem Unique – A Singular Treasure

No two unheated fancy-color tanzanite gemstones are alike. Each stone has a distinct combination of colors, clarity, and natural patterns, making it a unique masterpiece. This inherent uniqueness adds value and allure to every tanzanite, ensuring each piece tells a story of its geological journey and individual characteristics.

The Distinctiveness of Fancy Colour Tanzanite

Zoisite is the mineral family to which traditional tanzanite and fancy color tanzanite belong. Its color variations distinguish the fancy color tanzanite from its blue-violet counterpart. While traditional tanzanite exhibits predominantly blue to violet hues, fancy color tanzanite encompasses a broader spectrum of colors. This diversity in color makes fancy color tanzanite a distinct and sought-after category within the world of gemstones.

Explore the World of Unheated Fancy Colour Tanzanite

At Tanzanite International, we celebrate the allure and rarity of unheated color tanzanite gemstones. Each gem in our collection is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and beauty, ensuring our customers receive only the finest examples of this extraordinary gemstone. Whether you are a collector, investor, or jewelry enthusiast, unheated fancy color tanzanite offers a timeless investment and a piece of nature’s exquisite artistry.

Visit Tanzanite International at the Clock Tower, Waterfront Cape Town, to discover the magic of unheated natural fancy-colored tanzanite and explore our exclusive collection of these rare and beautiful gemstones. Embrace the luxury of owning a piece of Tanzanian heritage crafted by nature and cherished for generations to come.

We also ship worldwide in various shapes and carat weights from 1carat up to 100carats. Want to learn about more about buying Tanzanite, read our buying guide.


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